Design Technology Curriculum Map
Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 Year6
Mechanisms – sliders and levers Mechanisms – Wheels and Axles Structures – Shell Structures Mechanical systems – Levers and Linkages Mechanical systems – Pulleys or Gears Textiles – Combining different fabric shapes
Structures – Freestanding Structures Textiles – Templates and Joining Techniques – Hand Puppets. Food -Healthy and Varied Diet Electrical Systems – Simple Circuits and Switches Food – Celebrating Culture and Seasonality Mechanical Systems – Cam or Crank based Models
Food – Preparing Fruit and Vegetables Food – Preparing Fruit and Vegetables Mechanical Systems - Pneumatics Textiles – 2D shape to 3D product Electrical Systems – More Complex Switches and Circuits Food – Celebrating Culture and seasonality.