Friends of Rosemellin

All the parents are considered to be members of the PTA and hopefully will be able to join us in many of the activities that go on during the course of the year.

If you do have a particular talent which you are able to offer the school please let us know. We can either use you as a helper in school or maybe to assist the fundraising.

One of the main aims of the PTA is fund raising, this is in order to assist with a variety of school projects. The other aim is to form a link with parents to involve them in as much of school life as possible, so that they get to know their school and staff better. (View the latest minutes here)

For further information about any PTA activities please contact Shirley Smith - Secretary of the PTA


Money Raised So Far This Year

£900 Summer Fair 2019 £136 Bags2School
£327 Easter Raffle
£1000 Christmas 2018 Fair £180  £280 Christmas Cards 2018
£180 Disco
£150 Quiz Night   £250 Fashion show 

Upcoming Events

Watch this space!

Where our funds go

Keyboard for new hall   £1800 Playground Equipment  £3000 Golden Time Equipment £500
Book Bags £350 Books 2019  £3329.48 Yr 3/4 Furniture  £195
KS1 Reading Ares £725 Waterproof Suits (Foundation)  £165 Environmental Club £32
Footballs £45 Jump 4 £75 Plymouth Argyle Trip  £270
KS1 Hi-Viz Jackets £211 Yr 5/6 Trip  £80 Golden Time  £435