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Coping with Coronavirus

Free picture stories and illustrated guides to support people with learning disabilities and autism through the coronavirus pandemic.

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COVID-19 - Supporting your child with additional needs
Try to maintain routines as much as possible.
Try to keep your child’s day similar to how it usually is. Try to have a plan in mind of what the day will look like. Let your child know what is going to happen. For example ‘first we’ll have breakfast, then we’ll do Lego’. It’s okay to have periods of rest or time for your child to spend time with their own interests.
Think about what activities your child would usually do in their week. Are there ways that you can carry on doing these activities at home or outdoors? For example if they usually go to football club, could they play football in the garden?
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Free Music resources for Early Years and Key Stage 1 children (including SEND)

The BBC have created a bank of learning resources, including colourful films and animations, to engage young children with learning about Music - https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/bring-the-noise.  It includes lesson plans, teaching tips for non-specialists, challenges and activities for young musicians.


Cornwall.gov.uk have produced some resources and documents focusing on different areas which can be used at home. These resources have been designed to be both practical and fun.

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