January 2022

7th January 2022


ParkPlay is Fun, Free and For everyone no matter age nor ability; everyone is welcome. ParkPlay is completely free, and is perfect for adults and children alike with games varied to suit everyone. ParkPlay offers fun games and opportunities to try new games you may never have heard of! Activities can vary from frisbee, handball, football, scavenger hunts and many more. Games are adapted by our PlayLeaders to make them suitable for everyone that attends, from toddlers to the elderly.

Camborne’s PlayLeader Abbie has explained:
“the past year and a half through covid has really highlighted the importance of exercise and getting out of the house, and here at ParkPlay, our aim is to get the people of Cornwall out and having fun, meeting new people and giving them something to look forward to every week.”

Camborne ParkPlay will be held at Gerry Park every Saturday starting at 10am on 8th January

To get involved, use the link below to register: