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Monday 7th September 2020
Please read the PDF letter below from Cornwall Council about returning to school.

Friday 4th September 2020
Thank you

Dear Parents/Carers
I just wanted to send you all a quick message to say how lovely it has been to welcome you and your children back to school. The day went really well with children-and staff- getting used to the new routines. The children settled really well and seemed very happy to be back.

Can I just say your support of the school is fantastic and is very much appreciated. We know that we need to tweak a few things but our practice will continually evolve and we know we won't get it right all the time but we are trying.

Just a reminder that the half hour at the end of the day-from 2.45 p.m- 3.15 p.m is to reduce the number of people on the site at any one time. You were all so keen to see your lovely children that many of you arrived at 2.45 p.m (apologies for the gate not opening punctually, we are getting used to things ourselves!). Please remember, school doesn't officially finish until 3.15 p.m so there is time. We are going to run things as they are again on Monday but please, keep to the one way system. We have asked you not to exit the school site via the Cliff View Road gate. There is a gate on the far end of the school which would allow a one way system to work. We will see how things work and, if there does need to be changes, will, of course, let you know.
I hope you all have a great weekend together and ...see you Monday.
Please click on the PDF below to see a FAQ document to answer those questions you probably have about September.