Plymouth Argyle Tournament

22nd May 2019

Today two girls' football teams played in a Plymouth Argyle football tournament at Pool Academy.
The two teams covered players from Yr3 to Yr6.
They had to play seven different teams, plus each other, with the games lasting ten minutes each.
Everyone played really well and there was a great team spirit.

Rosemellin2 had to worked really hard in very hot conditions. It was a great experience for the team which included two year 3 players.

Player of the tournament for Rosemellin2:
Holly for cover every position on the pitch and helping out with Rosemellin1.

Rosemellin1 had a great tournament, winning 6 of their eight qualifying games to make the third place playoff, where they met Treloweth again.

Rosemellin1 v Lanner (0-1)
Rosemellin1 v Godolphin (3-0)
Rosemellin1 v Treloweth (1-0)
Rosemellin1 v Pennoweth (2-0)
Rosemellin1 v Parc Eglos (0-3)
Rosemellin1 v Parc Eglos2 (1-0)
Rosemellin1 v Rosemellin2 (4-0)
Rosemellin1 v Weeth (3-0)

Third place playoff
Rosemellin1 v Treloweth (4-0)

Rosemellin1 finished 3rd.

Scorers Tia (11), Honey (5), Lydia (1), Amelia (1)

Player of the match for Rosemellin1:
Honey for her great positional play and five goals and five assists to her name.

It was a really competitive tournament with some excellent skills on display.
Well done everyone.
Thanks to the parents for your support.