School Council

Our school council has a representative from each class from years 1 to 4, and two representatives from each of our three classes in years 5 and 6.
We meet once a month to discuss our projects, and to feedback any ideas and suggestions from our own classes.
We are also Online Safety representatives and meet with Mr Glover.
Our projects have been around safety, the library and our outdoor space. 

Working with RESPECT

  • We are RESPONSIBLE for what we have agreed to do
  • We EXPECT each other to do what has been agreed
  • We SUPPORT each other and talk to be heard
  • We PREVENT anyone feeling left out
  • We help EVERYONE to be happy with our plans
  • We CONSIDER each others feelings and needs
  • We TALK well of each other
This years school council members are: 
Evie T Isla Tom Ella Evie B-W
Evie T-C Sean  Harry   Joshua  Erin
Finley  Amy Simonas  Courtney   
I am really pleased to be on the school council team - Finley
I'm very lucky to be able to make decisions - Courtney
I'm pleased that i had a chance to be on the school council in my last year at school - Simonas
I'm happy to be able to help my friends - Erin
I'm lucky to be on the school council. I have lots of friends who voted for me - Tom
I'm really happy that I am a school council rep. - Amy
I especially glad to be the treasurer of the school council - Josh
School Council Blog:
October 2019
Our new school council met this week. We were given our badges and class books.
We discussed recycling and how we can encourage people to recycle.

July 2019
On Friday (19th July) we went to County Hall to receive our "Learner Participation" award. We had to give a presentation on what we have changed at our school, over the past year.
We enjoyed asking other schools questions about what they have achieved.
It was nice to see where the councillors meet.

June 2019
We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the "Learner participation" Bronze award.
In our meeting we talked about using our outside space as best we can. We also discussed the Race for Life, which is coming up soon.

June 2019
Mrs Finn came to our last meeting and showed us the new furniture that was being ordered for the library.
A new carpet has been fitted over the half term break. 
Our next project is to look at the best ways to use our outside space.

April 2019
We talked about the library and suggestions were taken about new books, library rules and how the furniture should be arranged.
Please pass your ideas about how to improve our outside spaces to your class rep, ready for our next meeting.

March 2019
This month we have been discussing what to put on our noticeboard.
We have also appointed a new Chair person, who helps Mrs Jones explain what we are going to talk about in the meetings. Congratulations to Jethro. 
Here is a full list of the new committee positions:
Jethro Secretary Dylan
Vice-Chair Zuzanna Public Relations Lydia (Website)
Treasurer Emily (With support from Noah)   Zara (Newsletter)
      Megan (Noticeboard)

March 2019
We are current trying to achieve the Bronze Learner Participation Award through Cornwall Healthy Schools.
The Award:

Learner participation (LP) is about children and young people having their voice heard when decisions are being made that affect their lives and being actively involved in the decision-making processes. This principle needs to be reflected in the culture and ethos of the whole school community and the systems that govern it.

The form that this participation takes, be it a school councilpupil parliament or focus area committees, does not matter. Participation can happen in many ways and the award has been designed to allow for this variety of forms. What is important is that the structure is one that allows all children and young people to have their say and to be able to feed their ideas and opinions to a representative group who operate on behalf of all learners. 

March 2019
We recently took part in the Think Big competition, to win money towards rejuvenating our library unfortunately, although we worked hard to present our ideas, this time around we were not shortlisted. Still, we will try again next year.