Welcome Back

6th September 2019

 Dear Parents

As we have only been back at school for one day only, we are not publishing our newsletter this week. However, I wanted to say a very warm welcome to you all and that we have had a great start to the term. The children are looking incredibly smart and I can only say thank you again for taking the time, and making the effort, to prepare your children for school. Our uniform is important to us-it shows that we all belong to our Rosemellin family and it is great to see that the children are wearing their ties! We will expect these high standards all year so, please, help us in this.

Reflecting on the last academic year I wanted to share with you the progress that we made as a school. I know data perhaps is not the most interesting thing for parents but it is one way to measure our success and a very visible way for any external judgment of our school. The really good news is that we made good progress in the key areas we had focused on as a school: the Good Level of Development of our YR children; Reading, Writing and Maths in Year 2 and our Year 6 results were in line with National. Year 1 Phonics took a slight dip but there will always be changes year on year and all staff remain as committed as ever to ensuring your children get off to the best possible start in reading and writing.

However, it wasn’t just these areas that we had worked hard on. We continue to improve our environment and, although we cannot do anything about the physical size of our classrooms, we are continuing to make them as bright and fit for purpose as we can. We think it is important that your children are able to learn in a classroom that is organised around their needs with few distractions so that they can focus on their learning.

Class Dojo was taken on by the whole school and, although we know there is further work to be done regarding the information being equally shared by all classes, this has been positively received by parents and is a great way to share your child’s learning with you. Although we have several different ways to communicate with parents: Facebook, Class Dojo, newsletter, texting service etc. we know there is always room for improvement. However, if you don’t know something please feel free to ask and any one of us will do our best to help. If you are not signed up to Class Dojo and are not sure how to do it, please come into school and we can help you. Class Dojo can also be put onto your phones as an APP which makes it even easier.

Over the coming weeks the staff are continuing to work, in staff meetings etc, on Quality First Teaching and mapping a curriculum that suits our children and situation. I know parents are keen to share with their children the topics the children are learning about and over the next few weeks you will be receiving more information to help your child. We are reviewing our Homework policy and, although some parents would like to see more and some parents would like to see none, we will try to strike the right balance as we know how busy life is. Whatever homework is set should impact on the children’s learning and we will endeavour to agree Year Group expectations and share them with you.

Reading remains a key priority of our school. We saw the children being really enthused by the rewards we introduced last year. Reading Karate and the Reading system in KS1 is continuing. However, we just wanted to make clear that daily reading counts as one read-no matter how many times you read in that day. We are asking the children to read at least 5 times per week. We know that they may read more but 5 is the magic number. We have revamped our library, hoping to have created a space that the children-and teachers can enjoy books and reading and find a real pleasure in it. We have more to do but are proud of what we have achieved so far.

The Outdoors is continuing to be developed. The area outside of our Reception classes is currently being worked on. We are making plans for the development of the field with the siting of a running track; more equipment at playtimes for the children and introducing a quiet area for play for those children who may not want to run about.

I know a few parents have been asking about the possibility of a Breakfast Club. At the moment we do not have enough families seeking this service to make it an option. We will, of course keep reviewing this over the year and will let you know should the situation change.

Over the next few weeks we will be holding our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting and we would love to see as many of you as possible. Although this is a vital way of raising money for our school-it’s how we manged to buy so many books, last year-it is also a great way for our families and staff to socialise and have fun together. 

I hope this gives you an update of where we are as a school and a quick run through of our plans for the future. I hope you enjoy the year with us, enjoy your child’s learning and we will work hard at keeping you informed as much as we are able.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Finn