Year 5 Classwork

1. Our first topic this year was 'To The Stars'. As part of the topic we had a Space Day in which the children came to school dressed as astronauts, aliens, stars, mission control and other space related characters. We studied the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon as well as the other planets in our Solar System.
2.  Perranuthnoe and Kynance classes love reading. This term we have been exploring Varjak Paw by S.F Said and Quarantine, a book from
3. Science this term has been all about forces. Gravity, air resistance and water resistance are all terms we are now familiar with. We carried out lots of experiments to test how different forces act upon objects in a variety of experiments.
4. Cryptography has been our computing topic last term. It has linked in really nicely with our Shackleton theme. How were messages sent securely? What techniques are used today? How can we keep our own information safe? The picture shows the children sending secret messages using semaphore.