We are very fortunate at Rosemellin to be able to provide such a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs including Football, Rugby, Art Club, Cooking Club, Choir, Guitar, Basketball and Netball. The children all enjoy being able to take part in the clubs and the feedback from them is excellent. The wonderful staff at Rosemellin run these on a voluntary basis. Teaching staff are not able to run clubs on a Wednesday or Thursday after school due to meetings.

The table below will list the clubs available, along with the time, week day, date and term they take place. Some clubs can change termly so look out for information each term. There are charges for some clubs which are run from outside the school, such as surf club or Plymouth Argyle football club.

If any parents have particular talents and can help with any of out of school clubs please let us know. 

If your child wishes to take part in any of the clubs, please complete the application form and hand to a teacher.

We may cancel clubs due to unforeseen circumstances and have a live club-line which is updated on a daily basis. You can call 01209 712313 to find out if your child’s club is running that day. The office will also send a text in the event that a club is cancelled.