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Now...take a break and enjoy Half Term
Friday 12th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers
Well, we made it and we all should be really proud of ourselves. Who would have thought that the Spring Term would look like it did. I know another Lock Down, winter and the return of home schooling hasn’t been easy but you should all be very proud of what you have achieved.
Staff have been blown away by the attitude and willingness of our children and that is, in part, due to the role you have played in sitting alongside of them, encouraging them in every way possible and making sure your child has the things they need to learn.

There has been so much to celebrate this half term and I have been so impressed with the writing that the children have produced after taking part in our English lessons using high quality books as a starting point. The children are working hard at being healthy and are enjoying their physical challenges as well as speaking Spanish using our new ‘Linguascope’ resource. If we can achieve all this when school is closed, imagine how fantastic it is going to be when we are all back together again.

Half Term is now on the horizon and you must all use it to rest, relax and re-charge. The staff are very much looking forward to spending time with their families and re-charging themselves so we are all ready to face whatever may come next.

Please, should any of us be unfortunate to develop symptoms and test positive within 48 hours of finishing school (before Sunday 5p.m) then, please, contact me via Class Dojo and the school will do what is necessary, communicating with parents, the Local Authority and Public Health England as needed.

Please remember that school is open again on Wednesday 24th February and learning will start via Class Dojo on this day too.

Enjoy Half Term and …keep safe.
Mrs Finn
Weekly Update 5th February 2021

Friday 5th February 2021

Dear Parents

I hope the week has gone well for you all. I don’t know about you but the weeks seem to be flying and, here we are, in February already. The news seems to be turning a corner and the optimism around the vaccine roll out is good to hear. Hopefully, a few more weeks and things may change for all of us. It is good that the priority seems to be returning children to school safely, which I am sure will be a welcome relief to you all. We will await further news and, of course, when we are told and know more, we will share our plans.

This week I have been looking in a little more detail at how many of our children are engaging with home learning. This is not to check up but to ensure we are doing all we can to support you at home. We have really good levels of engagement across the school and the staff are so pleased to see the work that is being uploaded and the effort that is being made.

As a school we are always looking at ways to improve our practice and, one way of doing this, is by engaging with evidence based research through the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). This foundation is currently carrying out a Big LockDown survey asking parents on their views of home learning and how it has impacted on family life.

Below is a Pdf of a poster giving more details. It looks really interesting and, after half term, teachers will also be taking part. I would be so pleased if you could help us with this and, please, sign up if you can.

Please remember to keep looking after yourselves.

3 rd November 2020
Dear Parents/Carers
Welcome back. I hope you managed to relax over the half term and feel better prepared for whatever lies ahead. First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all. You have been overwhelmingly supportive and understanding at this difficult time. I am very proud of all that we have achieved together and know that we will continue to do our very best in keeping each other safe.
As you know, from midnight on Wednesday 4th November, we will, once again, be going into Lock Down. This time around, LockDown will be different as schools are remaining open. The experts advise us that to keep children in school far outweighs the risks and seeing the children return to some kind of normality seems the best way.
For many of us, Lock Down will cause anxiety but I wanted to reassure you that we are doing all we can to ensure our school is as safe as it can be for all of us. Our protective measures remain in place and all staff are working hard, not only in making sure your children and themselves remain as safe as possible but that the children’s learning also progresses, and is accelerated where needed. We are working hard to make up for lost time and the children are making us very proud.
As from Thursday 4th we are making two changes. Drop off time remains the same but I am asking that you pick up your children from 3.00 p.m – 3.15 p.m. This will enable teachers to continue teaching for longer and disruption to the class kept to a minimum. However, in order to balance the risk I am strongly recommending that parents/carers wear masks when dropping off and picking up. Staff will also be asked to wear masks when on gate/door duty. I know you will do all you can to help us. Please remember, we ask that drop off and pick up is as quick as can be and that parents/carers do not stay on site to chat.
You are all doing an amazing job. If you have any difficulties or concerns please, get in touch. Although we are keeping face to face meetings to a minimum we can speak on the phone, meet outside at a distance or via Class Dojo. Please know that we are here for you and, as I keep saying to the staff, ‘this too will pass’.
Best wishes
N. Finn
Nicola Finn
Monday 7th September 2020
Please read the PDF letter below from Cornwall Council about returning to school.

Friday 4th September 2020
Thank you

Dear Parents/Carers
I just wanted to send you all a quick message to say how lovely it has been to welcome you and your children back to school. The day went really well with children-and staff- getting used to the new routines. The children settled really well and seemed very happy to be back.

Can I just say your support of the school is fantastic and is very much appreciated. We know that we need to tweak a few things but our practice will continually evolve and we know we won't get it right all the time but we are trying.

Just a reminder that the half hour at the end of the day-from 2.45 p.m- 3.15 p.m is to reduce the number of people on the site at any one time. You were all so keen to see your lovely children that many of you arrived at 2.45 p.m (apologies for the gate not opening punctually, we are getting used to things ourselves!). Please remember, school doesn't officially finish until 3.15 p.m so there is time. We are going to run things as they are again on Monday but please, keep to the one way system. We have asked you not to exit the school site via the Cliff View Road gate. There is a gate on the far end of the school which would allow a one way system to work. We will see how things work and, if there does need to be changes, will, of course, let you know.
I hope you all have a great weekend together and ...see you Monday.
Please click on the PDF below to see a FAQ document to answer those questions you probably have about September.
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