Physical Education

At Rosemellin we try to promote the enjoyment of P.E. as well as acquiring basic skills such as catching, throwing and striking and developing hand/eye co-ordination. We aim to encourage participation and involvement for all, across the range of activities within P.E. The teaching of Physical literacy is important in order to promote motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

We also participate in local and area tournaments in a huge range of sports including; football, netball, tag rugby, cross country, hockey, surfing, swimming, badminton and athletics as part of the Camborne Primary Sports Alliance. We are very proud of our sporting achievements and regularly celebrate individual and team accomplishments in school assemblies and on the school newsletter.

We promote the education of the child as a whole, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A range of trips and residential visits take place throughout the school year that give the children further opportunities to experience sports and activities in a variety of settings. P.E, as a National Curriculum subject is timetabled throughout the school for all children to participate in.

There is an overview of our PE rolling programme below.

To find more information on the National Curriculum requirements and programme of study please click here.