School reopening

As you know, the Government has asked schools to plan for a phased re-opening of schools. We are currently open to children who are considered vulnerable and/or are children of keyworkers. Protective measures have been put in place and school does look very different for our children, at this time. We are currently planning for the possibility of opening to children in Reception i.e Fistral and Crantock. Can you please consider whether you would like your child to return to school.
Please click on the PDF below to read the the letter for more information:

To all parents/carers, please click on the PDF below which makes clear the plan for our phased reopening of school.


Dear Parent / Carer

Following the letter you received last week about the government I thought I would update you on progress so far.

Firstly, thank you to all those parents who responded to our previous survey about the possibility of your child returning to school. We have taken your questions and answered as many as we are currently able to in the attached frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

Guidance from the Department from Education (DfE) is being updated on a daily basis so I am keeping our plans under continuous review and will update these FAQs as I have more information. The FAQs will be saved on the school’s website and Class Dojo for you to refer to.

You will be aware that the government have asked schools to plan for the phased reopening of schools from 1st June. It is important to note that the final decision from the government regarding whether these plans will be implemented will be made on the 28th May. Please note that all plans and offers of places are conditional on the outcome of the scientific evidence issued by the Government on 28th May.

In the meantime, I continue to draw up our plans which include detailed risk assessments that will help me to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of pupils, their families and staff at all times. The number and year group ranges that I will be able to offer places to will depend on a number of factors such as how many staff are safe to work, the size and number of rooms, and the needs of the children.

In deciding the number of children we can invite back in we will be following the government guidance. This clearly sets out the priority order in which groups should be invited back. These are;

  1. Key worker children and vulnerable children

We will continue to offer this group places as we have done over the last 8 weeks

  1. Nursery and Reception

The government say that these children should take priority so we will be inviting these back first.

  1. Year 1

These children will be accommodated next

  1. Year 6

Year six will invited back if we can still meet the government’s safety requirements.


To help us with the next stage of our planning we would be grateful if you could complete the survey

by noon on Friday 22nd May to provide us with more information regarding your requirements for the rest of this academic year. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs we will be able to prioritise places using the Department for Education guidelines until we are at full capacity.

We understand that this is a time of great uncertainty and that you may be feeling anxious about sending your child to school. Attendance at school is not compulsory for any year group, each family must decide what is right for them.

What happens next?

  • We will look carefully at the responses from parents and set out how many children we can invite back and when
  • We will then be in touch to confirm the date certain groups will be able to return to school

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the kind wishes and feedback that I have received from you and your children. I have enjoyed sharing in your exploits at home and will continue to do my best to support your child’s learning, whether in school or at home.

Kind regards

N. Finn


Please click on the PDF below for the frequently asked questions about school reopening: