Sports Day 2021

This year Sports day took place over a number of days so that the classes could stay in their bubbles.
As parents were sadly not able to attend we have put together this section on our website to share the results, along with some photographs and videos of the events.
We hope you enjoy it.
Whole school results

First Place RED 1116

Second Place GREEN 1044

Third Place BLUE 1019

Fourth Place Yellow 976


KS1 Champions  


Boy Tommy 8.20m Y1

Girl  Ava 8m 90  Y1


Wade 2m 21 Y1

Layla 1m 86 Y1

50m Sprint

Layla 8.46s Y2

Max 11s Y2


KS2 Champions


Boy Harley 47.2m  Y6

Girl Esme 19m  Y5


Boy Mason T 4m50 Y4

Girl  Evie B-W 4m40 Y4

50m sprint

Boy Harrison 7.26 Y5

Girl Renee: 7.84 Y5