Year 3/4 Curriculum Map

  Autumn 2020 Spring 2021                      Summer 2021

Year 3

1st Half

Surviving the Sahara (Geography)
Plants (Science)
North America (Geography)
Light (Science)
Forests, People & Change (Geography/History)
Rocks (Science)

Year 3

2nd Half

Howard Carter & Ancient Egypt (History)

Animals including Humans (Science)

Stone Age to Iron Age
Forces & Magnets (Science)
What did the Romans do for us? (History)

Year 4

1st Half
Rainforests (Geography)
Living Things & their Habitats (Science)
London our Capital (Geography)
Electricity (Science)
Rivers & the Water Cycle (Geography)
 States of Matter (Science)

Year 4

2nd Half
Marvellous Mayans
Animals including Humans (Science) 
Vikings & Anglo-Saxons (History)
Sound (Science)
Shipping, Trade & Traders (Geography)
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