Year 6 Classwork

1: We had lots of fun learning how to make sounds using just our bodies. Working in groups, we created our own body percussion sequences, before bravely performing them in front of the class.
2: Look at this fantastic piece of art work! We used hard and soft lines and included minute detail to draw half of our faces alongside half of a photograph. We took our time and concentrated hard to produce some brilliant images.
3: We have been working hard to develop our understanding of place value and the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Through verbal reasoning and tricky problem-solving, we are improving our calculation skills and developing quick, efficient methods.
4: We were fortunate to have a virtual anti-bullying workshop with Richard from StaySafe who explained how to ensure we are being kind and how to deal with bullying, should it happen to us or someone we know. We particularly enjoyed the 'Toothpaste Challenge' which reminded us to use kind words both in person and when using the internet.
5. We have been using the running track twice a week. It has been great exercise and the children are developing their running skills.
6. We recently took part in a  zoom workshop with Richard from StaySafe. We discussed how we can look out for each other and how to make sure that we celebrate our uniqueness. Being different is what makes us interesting!